Acrylic Pours Filled with Secrets

This painting was created in two sessions. The background first ( flip cup acrylic pour), and the foreground trees second. I was inspired by the snow swirl effect in the background, that makes me think of a mythical creature. Almost ominous, or protective spirit, you decide.

One of the things that attracted me to the acrylic pouring experience was how much the paints speak, revealing little secrets. There are many different approaches to the process  each with results that almost always impress me with hidden images. For the trees in the foreground of this painting I used a straw blowing technique, which I explain in the Youtube link.  For the trees I used: a dark and light blue, dark and light green and the white. Dripping small puddles of paint together and gently blowing with a straw to create pine tree branch shapes with snow on them. A little manipulation of the paint to move it in the direction I felt looked like a tree. Finally I dripped some white and a little blue to make the snow in the foreground, then spread it gently with a pallet knife. I will be adding some blog posts in the future that will have steps with photos to guide through the acrylic pouring process. Please take the time to comment and let me know what you would like to know about how its done.

Another pour that I saw so many images in, and so appropriate to the season. This is a set of 4 coasters painted on 4×4 tiles. The background is a solid green then using a flip and drag technique on top with Purple, yellow and orange as the cup colors. I see a ghost in the third tile from the left and a pumpkin in a field in the first,  many other little ghostly images all around crying Happy Halloween. Can you see what I see.
“Dueling Dragons”. These dragons just appeared  like magic with a flip  and drag of my cup of colors.

A Dragon image magically  appeared with this flip cup. The paint process just amazes me. Can you see the smiling dragon. The images just appear before your eyes. I like to call it my magic painting experience. There will not always be animals or spirits appearing before you eyes. But most definitely there will be some excitement that makes it worth your invested time.

The mixture, if you would like to try for yourself is; 1 part craft style acrylic paint to 2 parts fluid medium ( Floetrol, School glue or other acrylic medium). If you are using a thicker tube type you will need a 3 to 1 ratio. So when the paint is stirred it flows off the stick like honey, piling like wet sand when it settles .

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