Artist’s Statement

I have been an artist at heart as long as I can remember. My mother was a very big influence, she loved art, creativity, flowers and gardening.  She was a very productive soul and would paint something daily.  An originator of the  “Painting A Day” mindset. I was always in awe of her ability to allow her paintings to be imperfect, yet sadly if I were honest deep down I saw her art as juvenile and felt I could do better. This lead to my perfectionist stage, and over the next twenty or more years I devoted myself to detail and learning how to be the perfect artist.  But to my demise I realized with time that there is no perfect. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, cliche though it may be.  I spent the next ten years in search of my artistic freedom.

Then about a year ago I stumbled upon the Acrylic Pouring method and felt like I was born again. The method of painting is so freeing,  giving your mind the ability to let go and allow the paints to speak for themselves. Over the past year I have gone further into learning how to listen and then guide the paints after they speak. Every time I paint there is excitement like no other, almost equal to the joy I felt as a child realizing the ability God had given me.

Fast forward to today. I would like to not only share my paintings with you, but welcome you to share yours with me too. Most are expressed in floral and nature appreciation.

If you have interest in the process, please follow as I share my technique. And hopefully you, too, will join me in my infectious joy for this new fun creative process.